My crock pot experience – I

I started using crock pot about a couple months ago when I decided to cook dinners on the weekdays for my family. My live-in mother in law would usually cook our dinners back then but I have decided that I should start cooking partly because I feel that I can incorporate non Asian vegetables in our meals for a more diverse nutrition (my MIL cooks Asian food). At the same time, I have received enough thank you points to redeem a gift card from Best Buy. I decide to used that gift card to buy a crock pot because I have heard so many good things about it – for people with busy lifestyles.

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Fashion – Birkenstocks under $20 from Madewell!

I shop mainly online for clothes, but I do shop in stores once in a while. Got an email yesterday from Madewell for 40% of sale. I personally think Madewell is costly for me (but their quality is one of the best but far comparing with other brands like J.Crew & Ann Taylor – hence the name Made well) – but I have found pieces that are too-cheap-to-be-true from there and get compliments here and there. When I say cheap, I mean under $20 cheap. From Madewell!? who knew!?

First up, these Birkenstock Madrid EVA sandals:

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Purple W Party – 3rd birthday (behind the scenes)

I asked my daughter what kind of party she wants for her birthday. She gave me the deer in the headlights eyes, then she said “birthday party!” I don’t think she understood my question, so instead, I thought about the things she likes and tell her the names of the party. She’s been really into Frozen’s Elsa (although she has never seen the movie). Her other favorite is the color purple and she’s OBSESSED with the letter W  (I have no idea why! Every time she draws she’s always asking for W and only points out w’s from words she sees – weird)

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Food – Easy Dumplings

My toddler (going to be 3 soon!) doesn’t really eat meat unless it’s totally grounded up or minced! I often have backup meals just in case she doesn’t eat what we eat at the dinner table. I need something that’s freezable (so it will last longer), easy to heat up (without adding anything extra), and she will definitely eat (by herself or me feeding her). Dumplings is a good choice for me.

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Review – Olay moisturizer

I’m not usually the one who comments on skin care items because I only do the standard when it comes to facial care.  I don’t really put much effort into facial care.  My typical routine is face wash, then face lotion and that’s it.  I believe that topical facial care is not the the only factor that makes good skin – diet, nutrition, genetics, and other factors can also contribute to good skin.

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