Safety tool for women – Kitestring

With all those “tools” to help people save money with coupons and rebates, why not having a tool to help save lives and have a peace of mind when going anywhere alone.  No matter how much you “prep” yourself from away danger, it always feels like it’s not enough.  Having a backup plan for an emergency plan is a great idea, and the backup plan might not need your own participation in order to execute.  Sounds like a good secure feature to me.

I recently read this article in Harpers Bazaar about this tool called Kitestring.

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Friday Finds – Personalized gifts

Personalized offer 1:

Father’s day is coming up soon and this offer popped up just in time for me to create something personalized for my hubby from our daughter.  Until 6/1, Cherishables is offering 50% off father’s day card + free shipping with code DAD14C.  You can select the cards here.

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Recipe – Simple cheese crackers

So I have this long pending cheese crackers recipe that I’ve been wanting to try out with my daughter.  We both love mother-daughter (pretend) cooking together!  I got this recipe from a video I watched (Sorry!  I forgot where)  Since it was quite hot this past weekend, we decided to stay inside and have a mother-daughter cooking activity together!  I normally don’t really like any mess in the kitchen but this is too simple for me not to share with you.  It’s one of the easiest prepping, baking, and cleaning recipes I’ve ever tried.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Thoughts – Graduation ceremonies

Ah…  it’s graduation time again.  Last week, many universities have their commencements all over New York city.  I walked around Washington Square park area.  Streets were blocked for graduating students and their parents to enjoy the festivities the university has.  There were photo booths for parents to take pictures with their son/daughter.  The students put up signs like “I did it!”, “Congrats!”, and “Facing reality…”.  I love the last one!!   Continue reading

Review – Crocs Adrina III flat

I know how I raved about the J.Crew Anya Flats and they’re the best flats so far.  As the weather gets hotter, I want to start wearing sandals.  Because of my laziness, I prefer to wear slip on sandals (I have these and these) instead of sandals with fastening straps (although I really like this pair from Sam Edelman).  It’s just not practical for me when I’m always running in and out of the house – and to make matters more complicated, we have the “no outside shoes in the house” rule, our Asian culture maybe?!

Anyways, I digressed.  Wearing slip on type sandals seems a bit informal to me in any work environment.  I work at a pretty casual place but I still feel a little bit uncomfortable wearing slip on sandals.  So instead of sandals, I started to look for “breezy flats” aka perforated flats.  Continue reading