Dealing with changes at the new job

Full time employees usually spend about 8 hours in the office.  That’s about 50% of your daily time spent when you’re awake!  Imagine you don’t enjoy doing the job or working with your coworkers, it would really affect your daily life in a way.  I see people getting stressed out after work because of job related issues.  Others would say, “If you don’t like it, get a new job” – as if getting a new job is that easy nowadays.  A new job is also uncertain that you will have a better work life balance also.  Many of us don’t like to face unknowns, therefore, they’re “stuck” with their current job they don’t even like.  How do you make the most of it?

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Outfit – Dress as a skirt

I’m not much of a fashion guru myself.  I know what’s fashionable by reading blogs and magazines but realistically I don’t get it for myself.  The top reason is that it’s usually out of my price range that I want to spend on “high fashion” (I’d rather spend that money on food 🙂 ).  I just don’t see a point paying for so much for something that might not last that long!  I just stick with what I’m comfortable with – old fashion style 🙂    My clothes are mainly dresses during the summer because it’s the quickest to put on in the morning, I don’t have to look for a top to match a bottom or vice versa.  One dress makes an outfit.  I have read some blogs that teach you how to double-duty the dress as a skirt.  I figured I’d give it a try.  I have bought this dress (scroll down to see the reviewers’ pictures) at Urban Outfitters a couple years back.  I really like the multicolor pattern that matches anything.

Silence & Noise Printed Strapless Dress

Star Struck Moment – Alec Baldwin

Some people think you bump into more celebrities in LA, but a good number of actors and actresses have their homes in NYC also.  Alec Baldwin is a good example.  He’s based in NYC because of his show 30 rock.  I saw him walking his dog on my way to work on day.  We were walking in opposite directions so I spotted him right away and he saw me looking at him and nodded.

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Read – Dessert news

Recent news that Crumbs Bakeshop closed down all their shops yesterday.  I think I’ve tried enough cupcake places that I believe that Crumbs should not be the first cupcake place to close!  I was first introduced to Crumbs Bakeshop by my friend/ex-coworker who used to live in Upper West Side in NYC.  She told me about these huge cupcakes and I finally got my hands on one within a couple of months.  They’re like traditional cupcakes but much bigger in size and with fillings.  Many varieties, they’re not mind blowing but it’s something I wouldn’t mind eating.  Then I started to venture out other cupcake places available in the city.   There’re a lot more cupcake places that I’ve tried.  Some of which I believe they shouldn’t be doing well at all!  They just have good marketing teams!  I think the mistake with Crumbs is that they went public and open too many stores in a short period of time.

Crumbs cupcakes – source: foodbeast

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Thoughts – Names for your kids

Many parents like to have some what unique names for their kids.  By the time the kids go to school, names like John, Tom, Jennifer, etc., will actually be the “unique” names!  I was thinking about that while I was walking around the LAX airport back to NY (massive delays because of tornado warnings in the surrounding areas, didn’t get home until the next morning!)  I wanted to get a californian key chain with my daughter’s name (she too, has a unique name, not intentionally) and was expected to not find it on the shelf.  That raised a question in my mind – are having unique names for your kids really worth it?

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