Review – Olay moisturizer

I’m not usually the one who comments on skin care items because I only do the standard when it comes to facial care.  I don’t really put much effort into facial care.  My typical routine is face wash, then face lotion and that’s it.  I believe that topical facial care is not the the only factor that makes good skin – diet, nutrition, genetics, and other factors can also contribute to good skin.

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Starstruck moment – Russell Brand

Seeing celebrities around where I work is very common, but my heart still beats very fast when I see one!  I was taking a walk in the middle of the day around the streets of Soho, then I saw a whole bunch of people holding their cameras – the good ones, so I knew it would be some celebrity around.  Not sure where to look, but then I saw some pedestrians waiting at by an entrance with a Cadillac type black SUV waiting by (those are also the typical celebrity travel cars with dark tinted windows)

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