Purple W Party – 3rd birthday (behind the scenes)

I asked my daughter what kind of party she wants for her birthday. She gave me the deer in the headlights eyes, then she said “birthday party!” I don’t think she understood my question, so instead, I thought about the things she likes and tell her the names of the party. She’s been really into Frozen’s Elsa (although she has never seen the movie). Her other favorite is the color purple and she’s OBSESSED with the letter W  (I have no idea why! Every time she draws she’s always asking for W and only points out w’s from words she sees – weird)

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Food – Easy Dumplings

My toddler (going to be 3 soon!) doesn’t really eat meat unless it’s totally grounded up or minced! I often have backup meals just in case she doesn’t eat what we eat at the dinner table. I need something that’s freezable (so it will last longer), easy to heat up (without adding anything extra), and she will definitely eat (by herself or me feeding her). Dumplings is a good choice for me.

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