Food – Easy Dumplings

My toddler (going to be 3 soon!) doesn’t really eat meat unless it’s totally grounded up or minced! I often have backup meals just in case she doesn’t eat what we eat at the dinner table. I need something that’s freezable (so it will last longer), easy to heat up (without adding anything extra), and she will definitely eat (by herself or me feeding her). Dumplings is a good choice for me.


I don’t buy the store bought ones because I want to make the meat fillings myself to ensure I have better quality meats and adding more veggies in them. But then – I HATE wrapping EVERY SINGLE dumplings! Back then when it was just my hubby & I, I had all the time in the world that I even made the dough myself! As time goes on, I bought the store bought dumpling wrappers. Now even that is still time consuming! Hence this new recipe!

No wrap dumpling recipe: makes about 30-40 dumplings

– 1 lb ground pork
– 1-2 eggs (beaten)

(chopped finely for all veggies)
– 1 bunch chives
– half a carrot
– a few leaves of cabbage
– 1-2 scallions

Seasoning (the secret for juicy dumplings is NO SALT – use all liquid seasonings):
– ground ginger
– soy sauce (to taste)
– sesame oil
– white pepper (optional)

– Flour
– water

Kitchen tools:
– big bowl
– cookie sheet that can fit into the freezer
– container/plate (to put flour in)
– container/plate (to put water in)
– spoon (optional)
– saran wrap (optional – to make cleaning easier)

Shortcut: I used Lawry’s Sesame Ginger Marinade I got a while back for 99 cents at Shoprite.

1) In a big bowl, mix all the the dumpling meat fillings together
2) Add the seasoning to taste – your meat filling should be a bit runny & soft with all the liquid seasoning & veggies)

Setting up:
Set up the kitchen counter like you would as if you fried your food, (dip & batter – you get the point)

dump33) Put saran wrap to cover the cookie sheet (optional – you’ll be putting the dumplings on the cookie sheet. Putting saran wrap on it makes it very easy to clean afterwards)
4) Put flour in the container
5) Put water in the other container
6) Make a ball or a dumpling size meat filling and place it on cookie sheet
7) Freeze them a little bit to make them slightly harden so they’re easier to handle.

You can do 6) without placing them on a cookie sheet and follow the following steps

Making the dumpling:
8) Cover the meat mixture filling with flour
9) Quickly dip that into water
10) Then do 8) again
11) Place it on the cookie sheet
12) Freeze them like that
13) When it’s totally hardened, place them in a plastic bag and boil a couple of dumplings whenever you’re ready!
This is the finish product after cooking them in boiling water – flowing means they’re cooked.

dump2Hope you find this easy enough! This looks like a lot of steps but it’s actually easier than making regular dumplings.



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