Purple W Party – 3rd birthday (behind the scenes)

I asked my daughter what kind of party she wants for her birthday. She gave me the deer in the headlights eyes, then she said “birthday party!” I don’t think she understood my question, so instead, I thought about the things she likes and tell her the names of the party. She’s been really into Frozen’s Elsa (although she has never seen the movie). Her other favorite is the color purple and she’s OBSESSED with the letter W  (I have no idea why! Every time she draws she’s always asking for W and only points out w’s from words she sees – weird)


So I asked her,”Do you want a Frozen party or a Purple W party?” (I secretly wanted her to choose the Frozen theme because it’s much easier to plan)

She said “Purple W!” (Darn!)

I asked the question again in a slightly different way, “Do you want a Purple W party or (Louder) FROZEN party?”

“I want PURPLE W party mommy!”

When my friends asked me what kind of birthday party I’m going to throw her, I said “Purple W”

“Purple what?

“Purple W, you know the letter W?”


“She likes the letter W and the color purple.”

“um…. oh… ha! ok”

That’s the typical response I got. 😀

OK. Let’s start brain storming on what I can do with this…The purple thing is easy – but it’s quite hard to incorporate the W with it. First I needed to send out the invitation. While I was searching for a template, I came across the chevron pattern – BINGO! It’s not so hard afterall! I found simple inspiration like this.

I got really  lazy this time around. I usually would order a whole bunch of stuff from Oriental Trading but there was no free shipping (I refused to pay for shipping for a lot of things when free shipping offer is everywhere online) I decided to look for party supplies at Amazon. I’m a only-spend-on-what-its-worth kind of person so I did a lot of price comparison to make sure I get the best deal. On a lot of these things Amazon seems to have better prices with very minimal shipping (<$1) So I bought some party essentials like paper cups, plates, napkins, and table cloths in different shades of purple (other colors available thru those links)  For decorations, I only got some purple streamers, tissue paper, and flag banner buntingMy hubby got a bunch of purple helium balloons on the day of the party.



For the purple streamers , I put them up on the wall and made a “W” looking wave and I used the tissue paper to make some purple pom poms (learned on youTube). There’re so many “pre-made” poms poms out there but I chose to make them myself because I believe the pre-made ones are shipped “flat” and you’ll have to fluff them once they arrived anyways. So might as well make them myself from scratch for a fraction of the cost PLUS extra tissue paper leftovers for gift bag stuffers! The final decorations look like the pic on the right. Very simple.


I also added a little bit of personalization on the water bottles + ALL purple drinks like grape sodas, berry ginger ale etc. For those of you who are interested in the Asian boxed juice drinks – see hereI got the coconut soy & the black currant. You can easily find them on Asian supermarkets.


Again, like last year, I catered the main dishes and bought a few bags of frozen food from BJ’s & Costco to heat up. This time I made some bake veggies & mac n cheese. For fruits, I kept is really simple with just a water melon (W is for watermelon – got that? 😉  ) I made a watermelon bowl and carved out the W on front.


We bought an ice-cream cake from BJ’s but no personalizations or own designs allowed so we just had the cake saying Happy Birthday on it. To make the cake looking less plain, I made a bunting on it for some “3D” effect lol. I just used plain paper, strings, tape, and skewers sticks.

3faShe definitely had more fun on her 3rd party than her 2nd party because she knows more now. When she heard the first door bell rang she yelled “BIRTHDAY PARTY!” I’m glad she loved her party and she knows it’s her birthday.


Happy birthday month my little girl!




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