Fashion – Birkenstocks under $20 from Madewell!

I shop mainly online for clothes, but I do shop in stores once in a while. Got an email yesterday from Madewell for 40% of sale. I personally think Madewell is costly for me (but their quality is one of the best but far comparing with other brands like J.Crew & Ann Taylor – hence the name Made well) – but I have found pieces that are too-cheap-to-be-true from there and get compliments here and there. When I say cheap, I mean under $20 cheap. From Madewell!? who knew!?

First up, these Birkenstock Madrid EVA sandals:


I was never a birkenstock fan. My style is more conservative/ classic/ mostly dresses. Birkenstock was never really on my radar. But then I work downtown NYC and start seeing EVERYONE wearing them and makes me wonder if I’m missing out. Indeed I am! I first tried them on at Urban Outfitters with these Madrids. Oh my gosh they are soooo comfy! I tried on the Arizona and fell in love with the fit also but there’re quite expensive in my book (like really? $100+ for a pair of sandals which the style *might* be out by next season?) Then I stumbled upon the EVA version of the sandal with 1/3 of the cost! But they’re mostly men sizes – took me quite a while to found women sizes for this pair of sandals but I did find it (which I had to pay for shipping but I was willing to pay for that because at that time I was really into it). Right after I bought them on Amazon, I found a pair that has the similar style (by then I lost track of *why* I want to get the Birks in the first place – comfort – instead of style)  so I quickly got these and canceled the order from Amazon. Received them in mail, disappointed, and returned them and decided not to get them anymore.

That’s the background, so fast forward 1-2 months to today, went to check on Madewell’s 40% sale selection and found the Madrid EVA on sale! PLUS extra 40% off! So total came out to be $14.99. I grabbed them right away! It’s only one day into the sale and the black ones are gone already. Get the white ones while you can! They’re water proof and “cleanable”!



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