Starstruck moment – Jonah Hill

Hi! I haven’t been updating any posts in a while. I had a baby boy back in April, things have been hectic and tiring. I went back to work with demanding projects and bosses. I will update a life lately post soon! (hopefully)

I work down town NYC and frequently bump into celebrities. I haven’t in a while because I haven’t taken walks in the middle of the day because of the work load I have. On my way to work, I was standing literally shoulder to shoulder with this guy wearing sunglasses with a french bulldog. It didn’t really caught my eye at first, but then somehow I had a feeling that he isn’t just “some guy”.


He looked like Jonah Hill, but still wasn’t sure because he has “everyday” looking face lol. Since we’re standing next to each other waiting for the light to cross the street – I got to google him right next to him 🙂  It’s a bit hard to compare with pictures and person since he wasn’t really looking my way. Then the light turn red so we crossed the road, but “to be safe” I took a pick of him anyways.

Since he has a dog, I just googled “jonah hill dog” and BAM! saw the little black french bulldog with the same collar! He’s actually shorted than i thought – I’ll say around 5’7″ (and I just googled is and I was correct!) The camera does add 10lbs on you lol.

Here’s my snapshot of him on the go 🙂




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