Food – Ispahan Rose et Framboise

I would like to think I’m one of the first person who started the macaron trend. I had them before the trend started, didn’t really care much for them.

first opened from the box

first opened from the box

Back in 2008 – when cupcakes were the “trendy treats of the moment” – I traveled by myself to London as a spur of the moment trip (you know, try local stuff and staying in hostel etc.) I passed by a few Laduree’s a few times. I knew they were selling macarons but didn’t go in there because I didn’t care for them. As I was wandering around streets of London, I just decided to stop at the side of a street just trying to enjoy the city and look around, get a drink of water. Then I decided to go into this Laduree store because the decor outside intrigued me a few time I passed by there (it has a “crumbled” looking gold walls). Since it’s such a small store, it’s weird not to buy anything there – so I decided to buy a few macarons. I specifically remembered I bought the black licorice (4th from the L), salted caramel (3rd from the R), then I think I bought a raspberry and something else. I put it in my handbag and left.


I headed over to British Museum and rested here, then I decided to take my first bite ever on these Laduree macarons. I wasn’t hungry. I just feel like munching on things. To my surprise, I felt like I was eating these little drops from heaven! I really liked them! …and the rest is history 😀

I’ve waited for Laduree to open in the US for a few years already and they finally opened one at upper east side. I went to their opening and waited in line for an hour to get those macarons. Now they open one in Soho, which is much more convenient for me!

After years and years of eating macarons from Laduree, I’ve decided to venture out and try other pastries. I tried the Plaisir Sucré (chocolate layered dessert) twice and failed to take pics to share. But this time I got the Ispahan Rose et Framboise pastry and here are the pics!

half eaten

half eaten

I love the rose maracon. So I picked the ispahan pastry to try. At first I was taken away by the coarse texture of the macaron shell. The regular macarons have a smooth shiny texture. The taste is still fine, but texture wise this is more coarse. This is actually better eaten at a slightly cooler than room temperature after you take the pastry out from the fridge for about 15 minutes.

The inside has the same rose water butter cream as the rose macaron. Raspberries were surrounding the perimeter of the macaron shell. 4 small pieces of lycee was put on top of the rose butter cream with one raspberry in the middle. I personally found the raspberry a bit tart to be eaten together with the rose butter cream. It kinda over powering the rose butter cream when eaten together (I just felt like I was eat raspberries with a regular butter cream, not the rose flavor) So I ended up eating the berries separately. I think it would be better if it’s strawberries with a milder taste. All in all, I think I still like it. It’s just like a bigger macaron with filling. So next time when I go back to the store, I will try another pastry.



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