Health – Orange peel drink

Every since my little girl started daycare part time, she has been sick NON-STOP!  Every other week, there’s a new virus, coughing, or cold.  My poor little girl has lost A LOT of weight and lost those chubby cheeks! 😦

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Review – Olay moisturizer

I’m not usually the one who comments on skin care items because I only do the standard when it comes to facial care.  I don’t really put much effort into facial care.  My typical routine is face wash, then face lotion and that’s it.  I believe that topical facial care is not the the only factor that makes good skin – diet, nutrition, genetics, and other factors can also contribute to good skin.

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Starstruck moment – Russell Brand

Seeing celebrities around where I work is very common, but my heart still beats very fast when I see one!  I was taking a walk in the middle of the day around the streets of Soho, then I saw a whole bunch of people holding their cameras – the good ones, so I knew it would be some celebrity around.  Not sure where to look, but then I saw some pedestrians waiting at by an entrance with a Cadillac type black SUV waiting by (those are also the typical celebrity travel cars with dark tinted windows)

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Read – Don’t hate!

As the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is coming this December, people started to talk about how the company promotes unrealistic body image to the public.  I see their point – but I don’t hate.  I wish I have their type of bodies too, and came really close enough too, then BAM! – got pregnant and lost it all. 😀

But not having a body like those “angels” doesn’t mean that I’m going against it.  Why can’t people just look at it with a different perspective?

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Advice needed – An affordable doll house

I’m currently looking for a doll house for my daughter.  I’m not trying to have her playing with girly toys, but I’m feeling that a doll house is good for both boys and girls to play.  I have been seeing her making conversations by herself and pretend to play with things – so might as well get her something looks more like it to play with to increase her imagination a bit more.

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Fashion – Necklaces to own in your 30s

I’m a necklace wearer.  I have many long fashion necklaces (similar here and here) which I adored a couple years back. I also have a few J.crew outlet statement necklaces (similar here and here) that I got from sample sales because I always love bib/statement necklaces but I can only wear them for so many times.

Now, as I get older, I tend wear more simple and classic pendant necklaces.  I’m not that much of a trendy person.  I stick with the classics.  When I own a piece, I really want to make sure that necklace gets the bang for the buck for cost per wear.  For these necklaces, I don’t buy them off fashion places just in case the quality aren’t as good.  As a women in her 30s, I can’t wear jewelry that looks like I got them from Forever 21! It needs to be tasteful, classic, feminine, and minimalistic for a regular girl woman like me.

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